EOOS progress

The need for an end-to-end integrated and sustained European Ocean Observing System, EOOS, has been expressed by the oceanographic and scientific community during the development of the European Integrated Maritime Policy in 2007. In 2008, EuroGOOS and European Marine Board released a joint vision document (pdf) to outline the concept of this framework. Since then, EOOS has featured in a number of scientific and science-policy documents. An overview of those developments is available here.

In 2016, after a successful expert brainstorming workshop (May 2015), EuroGOOS and European Marine Board convened an panel acting as EOOS Steering Group. The Steering Group has developed a Consultation Document to collect feedback for the EOOS implementation roadmap and launch it for a wide stakeholder consultation. On 8 September 2016, the EOOS progress and the consultation document were presented at a dedicated European Parliament event hosted by MEP Ricardo Serrão Santos.

From 12 December 2016 until 22 January 2017, an open stakeholder consultation was conducted to help design an integrated and sustained EOOS. The consultation targeted a wide European community of ocean data providers, infrastructure managers, technology developers, data users, and broader ocean observing stakeholders. The results of the consultation demonstrated an overwhelming agreement with the concept of EOOS. A summary of  the consultation results is available on this page. The Steering Group is now drafting the EOOS Strategy and Implementation Plan, to be discussed at the forthcoming EOOS events 2018.