EOOS is a coordinating framework designed to align and integrate Europe’s ocean observing capacity in the long-term; to promote a systematic and collaborative approach to collecting sustained information on the state and variability of our seas; and to underpin sustainable management of the marine environment and its resources.

Key to achieving a truly integrated and sustained ocean observing framework, EOOS, are stakeholder engagement and co-design of the EOOS strategy and implementation actions.

The EOOS framework is co-designed with stakeholders through rounds of review and consultations, led by the EOOS steering group, and open widely to all. To date, two stakeholder consultations took place (2017 and 2018) and several events (2015 brainstorming workshop, 2016 European Parliament event, 2018 EOOS forum, and the same year EOOS conference). In between the consultations and events, the EOOS steering group refine the EOOS vision and its implementation strategy. Targeted communications promote further stakeholder buy-in and engagement in EOOS.