EOOS Resource Forum

The EOOS Resource Forum will help with the long-term sustainability of ocean observing in Europe. This forum should include national and European funders of ocean observing. It is expected that the Resource Forum members will serve in their capacity of ocean observation funders and represent their organizations or initiatives. The key responsibilities of the Resources Forum will be to:

  • Engage with the EOOS process;
  • Advise on opportunities and risks and propose possible mitigation strategies for long-term funding of ocean observations;
  • Communicate relevant strategic funding opportunities for EOOS;
  • Enable the EOOS implementation plan where relevant and practicable;
  • Advise the EOOS Steering Group about changes in the funding landscape European and international level;
  • Identify shared priorities and advise on the EOOS added value.

It is proposed that the Executive Director of JPI Oceans chair the Resource Forum. The JPI Oceans Secretariat will support the Resource Forum in close collaboration with the Secretariat of EuroGOOS.