EOOS Steering Group

The EOOS Steering Group was established in early 2016 to guide the development of EOOS. The SG is the top-level governance structure tasked to approve all decisions concerning EOOS strategy and implementation.

The EOOS SG meets on average twice a year, and it is advised by the other EOOS committees. The EOOS Steering Group’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Guide EOOS governance;
  • Drive the EOOS implementation and track its performance;
  • Engage with key stakeholders to maintain support for EOOS;
  • Communicate EOOS to the wider community;
  • Approve EOOS pilot projects;
  • Ensure links between EOOS and relevant international initiatives (e.g. GOOS).

The mandate for Steering Group membership is four years, with members of the next SG selected by the existing SG. Members of the SG are also observers in the EOOS Advisory Committee and Operations Committee.

EOOS Steering Group members:

  • Inga Lips – Co-Chair, Secretary General, EuroGOOS / Vice-Chair of the EOOS Operations Committee
  • Sheila Heyman – Co-Chair, Executive Director, European Marine Board
  • George Petihakis, Research Director, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece / Chair of EuroGOOS
  • Isabel Sousa Pinto, Head of the Aquatic Biodiversity and Conservation group, Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), Portugal / Co-Lead of GEO MBON
  • Jan-Bart Calewaert, Head of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) Secretariat
  • Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Scientific Director, Mercator Ocean International
  • Thorsten Kiefer, Executive Director, JPI Oceans / Chair of the EOOS Resource Forum
  • Laurent Delauney, Ifremer, France / Chair of the EOOS Operations Committee

The Steering Group is supported by Dina Eparkhina, Senior Policy and Communications Officer, EuroGOOS