Aligning, integrating and promoting Europe’s ocean observing capacity
What is EOOS

EOOS is a coordinating framework designed to align and integrate Europe’s ocean observing capacity, promote a systematic and collaborative approach to collecting information on the state and variability of our seas, and underpin sustainable management of the marine environment and its resources.

EOOS Forum

The EOOS Forum on 8 March 2018 will bring together the main ocean observing funders, implementers and users in Europe. It will examine the extent to which the current observing systems are sustainable today, and what opportunities and threats there are. The forum will discuss the EOOS strategy, developed further to the EOOS consultation, and seek stakeholders' feedback on the way forward. 

Building EOOS: Open Stakeholder Consultation
Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

EOOS will deliver a vision, roadmap and a common focal point for European ocean observing research and technology.