An inclusive approach driven by key players.

Flexible and adaptable with stakeholders at its core.

We are an alliance of voluntary partners spanning the public and private sectors. Ours is a bottom-up governance model in which nations are integrally involved that is designed to evolve over time.


EOOS is staffed by EuroGOOS, EMB and JPI Oceans.

Steering Group

The EOOS Steering Group is a group of stakeholders who have supported the EOOS framework vision from the beginning.

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Advisory Committee

The EOOS Advisory Committee (AC) advises the EOOS Steering Group and brings a broader stakeholder expert representation into the EOOS governance.

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Operations Committee

The EOOS Operations Committee (OC) represents ocean observing implementers at national, regional and pan-European levels to help with the long-term sustainability of the ocean observing efforts in Europe and to implement EOOS progressively.

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Resource Forum

The EOOS Resource Forum (RF) represents the funders and resource providers of ocean observing and supports the long-term sustainability of ocean observing in Europe.

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