EOOS Technology Forum

Building bridges and creating opportunities.

About the Technology Forum

Discover the 2024 EOOS Technology Forum

The EOOS Technology Forum is held every two years and also offers a permanent resource.

It is designed to help create and strengthen links between technology users, developers and providers in ocean observing across the public and private sectors from European countries.

We are a space for identifying the potential for technological improvement, advancement and/or innovation in the field of ocean observing. Our aim is to enable synergies between relevant stakeholder communities in areas worthy and ready for cross-collaboration.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Break down barriers by building a sharing community of individuals, groups and organizations
  • Map and assess the technologies employed in operational oceanography
  • Identify the main gaps in operational areas
  • Encourage users to share their expertise and help manufacturers and service providers meet user requirements
  • Establish what technologies are needed to systematically measure the Essential Ocean Variables (EOV) defined by GOOS
  • Foster partnerships to promote developing instrumentation to meet observing requirements
  • Identify concrete themes and propose future workshops and events


The EOOS Technology Forum is supported by EuroGOOS, JERICO-S3, JERICO DS and MINKE.

For any queries please contact the organisers at tech_forum_eoos@eurogoos.eu



  • Laurent Delauney

    EuroGOOS Technology Plan Working Group co-Chair, Ifremer

  • Rajesh Nair

    EuroGOOS Technology Plan Working Group co-Chair, National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS)

The EOOS Technology Forum is supported by Joseph Nolan, and Virginie Van Dongen-Vogels, Science Officers, EuroGOOS