Strategy and Implementation

Developing a central framework for European ocean observing.

EOOS Strategy

Advancing EOOS – the foundation of European ocean knowledge

EOOS’ Vision is of a European Ocean Observing System that is sustained and meets the specific needs of users. The Strategy 2023-2027 sets out the direction of EOOS’ development towards this in the coming period as it transitions from a successful initiation stage of networking and structuring towards a sustained operational phase with concerted implementation activities.

To advance towards its Vision, during the current Strategy period EOOS’ Mission is to
coordinate and integrate European communities and organisations operating, supporting and maintaining ocean observing infrastructures and activities, fostering collaboration and

EOOS Strategy
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EOOS Roadmap for implementation

Co-designing EOOS

In order to fulfil the objectives of the EOOS Strategy, implementation during the Strategy period will be divided into different activities, with the overarching task of co-designing EOOS in collaboration with stakeholders supported by each subsequent activity.

This will involve improved connection of existing components that contribute to EOOS as well as the development of new activities, and identification of resources to realise and sustain EOOS.

EOOS Roadmap for Implementation
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