Strategy and Implementation

Developing a central framework for European ocean observing.


Maximising the benefits of European ocean observing

Our main goal is to maximise the value and benefit of European ocean observing, producing knowledge, goods and services that sustainably serve society.

We focus on three main objectives:

  • Better coordinated and sustained in situ ocean observing connecting stakeholders across the ocean observing community to maximise its value and benefits.
  • Making ocean variables relevant to society by serving as a focal point for systematic, long-term observation and monitoring, and a platform to discuss, coordinate and implement.
  • An integrated ecosystem approach to enable a transformation from platform-specific observing to multi-platform, integrated and thematic observing.

Our work is underpinned by the Framework for Ocean Observing and aligned with the global ocean observing community.

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Roadmap for implementation

Implementing our strategy

Our current implementation plan focuses on six areas:

  • Mapping and stakeholder engagement
  • Policy context and foresight
  • Implementing system elements
  • Funding
  • Communications
  • Governance

For each area, the plan includes tasks outlining concrete activities for implementing the EOOS framework.

We have also developed four concept notes to explain and advance our current priorities.


Roadmap for Implementation
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