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European GOOS National Focal Points provide insight on coordination and funding aspects of national ocean observing and marine monitoring

A survey of the GOOS National Focal Points from 27 European nations was conducted by the European Ocean Observing System to understand the national coordination, drivers, focus and funding sustainability of ocean observing and marine monitoring. The report reveals funding for oce


EOOS Operations Committee meets again and elects new Chair

The EOOS Operations Committee held its second meeting on 10 March 2021 to discuss the next steps for the implementation of the EOOS Strategy. Experts from OceanOPS and the GOOS bio-eco panel were invited to inform the Committee about their work in EuroSea project which facilitate


EOOS Operations Committee holds a successful first meeting

The newly formed EOOS Operations Committee held a very successful first meeting on 24-25 November 2020. EuroGOOS chaired the virtual meeting, which had over 45 participants, across 23 European countries. The EOOS Operations Committee is a vital element of the EOOS governance repr


EOOS Steering Committee feedback on the EU inception impact assessment on ocean observation

The EOOS Steering Group submitted their feedback on the European Commission’s inception impact assessment ‘Ocean Observation – Sharing Responsibility’. The consultation on the inception took place between 22 October and 19 November 2020. The Commission will open an online consult

EOOS Technology Forum

The EOOS Technology Forum aims to: Bring closer the marine instrument manufacturers, technicians, technologists and scientists, in the public and private sectors – to drive development and innovation in the European ocean observing technologies; Support regular assessments of the

EOOS town hall at the 1st All-Atlantic Ocean Observing Symposium

On 26 March 2019 at the 1st All-Atlantic Ocean Observing (AtlantOS) Symposium, EuroGOOS organized an EOOS town hall to allow several EOOS steering group members and the co-chairs from EuroGOOS and EMB, interact with the symposium participants and representatives of the European C

Why should Brussels care about ocean observing?

We know more about Mars than we know about the ocean. Yet, ocean observations deliver critical information for a long list of societal benefits, not least the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ocean observation’s national funders, pan-European research coordination projects, scie


EOOS Strategy and Implementation Plan 2018-2022 released

The EOOS strategy and implementation plan have been finalized by the EOOS steering group with significant community input. The documents build on the EOOS Consultation Document 2016 (pdf) and a series of events and open consultations. Further to the successful EOOS forum on 8 Mar

EOOS conference programme released

EOOS conference, Evolving the European Ocean Observing System: Connecting communities for end-to-end solutions, will take place in Brussels on 21-23 November 2018. The draft programme is now available. The conference aims to further connect European ocean observing communities, b

EOOS strategy and implementation plan consultation deadline extended

The deadline to submit responses to the 2018 open EOOS consultation has been extended until 25 June. The consultation gives an opportunity for broad ocean observing, data and services stakeholders to reflect and propose ways forward for a fit-for-purpose, integrated and sustained