eoos_consultationdocument_cover_page_01This open stakeholder consultation ran for six weeks during December 2016 and January 2017, collecting views on an overarching ocean observing framework for Europe from a wide community of ocean data providers, infrastructure managers, technology developers, data users, and broader ocean observing stakeholders.

EuroGOOS and the European Marine Board are working together to promote and facilitate the establishment of such framework, a European Ocean Observing System, EOOS. In doing so, these networks are taking the initial steps to catalyse the development of EOOS and established an expert Steering Group who developed this survey. The survey is based on the EOOS Consultation Document.

This survey was critical to collect the views of the European ocean observing community and wider stakeholders and to inform any decision-making about a future EOOS. It is foreseen to release the results in Spring 2017.