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About the Advisory Committee

The EOOS Advisory Committee advises the EOOS Steering Group and brings a broader stakeholder representation into the EOOS governance.

The Advisory Committee was set up at the end of 2017 to advise on the EOOS Forum (8 March 2018) and the EOOS Conference (21-23 November 2018). From there, the Advisory Committee evolved into a more permanent structure, meeting in its current form since October 2019.
The members of the Advisory Committee work towards the EOOS objectives as set out in the EOOS strategy and implementation plan . The Advisory Committee encompasses a core group of representative stakeholders that serve in their capacity as experts. The Advisory Committee’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Provide information about events and developments relevant to EOOS
  • Advise on the process and status of gathering user requirements from the sectors of the membership of the EOOS Advisory Committee
  • Enable the EOOS implementation plan where practicable
  • Advise the EOOS Steering Group about changes in the ocean observation landscape, programme funding, new drivers and feasibility, and scientific foresight
  • Advise on mapping ocean observation infrastructure and human capacity development
  • Identify shared priorities at European level combining EOOS Advisory Committee member knowledge of the European ocean observing landscape and advise on how EOOS may add value in this context

The members of the Advisory Committee are selected by the EOOS Steering Group, and additional members can be suggested upon specific recommendation or identified need, and approved by the Steering Group.

The EOOS Advisory Committee Terms of Reference are available here:



There are currently no Advisory Committee resources available.


EOOS Advisory Committee members:

  • Sheila Heymans

    Chair, Executive Director - European Marine Board (EMB)

  • Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias

    Expert - Copernicus In Situ Data, European Environment Agency

  • Patrizio Mariani

    Co-Chair - EuroMarine

  • Neil Holdsworth

    Head - Data Centre, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

  • Urmas Lips

    Representative - Helsinki Commission

  • Adeline Souf

    Executive Secretary - European Network of the International Hydrographic Organisation

  • Nadia Pinardi

    Co-President - Infrastructure Committee, World Meteorological Organisation

  • Paolo Cipollini

    Ocean and Ice Senior scientist - European Space Agency

  • Estelle Obligis

    Competence Area Manager - Oceanography, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

  • Sara Garavelli

    Program Manager - European Open Science Cloud, CSC – IT Center for Science & EOSC Finnish Forum Coordinator

  • Peter Braesicke

    Chair - European Climate Research Alliance

EOOS Advisory Committee observers:

  • Iain Shepherd and Zoi Konstantinou

    European Commission DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

  • Nicolas Segebarth and Agnes Robin

    European Commission DG Research and Innovation

The Advisory Committee is supported by Ángel E. Muñiz Piniella, Science Officer, European Marine Board