2020 EOOS Technology Forum

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Virtual 13 Oct 2020

The 1st EOOS Technology Forum was organized by EuroGOOS through its Technology Plan Working Group.

The forum aimed to:

  • Bring closer the marine instrument manufacturers, technicians, technologists and scientists, in the public and private sectors – to drive development and innovation in the European ocean observing technologies;
  • Support regular assessments of the technological readiness in the European oceanography, with a focus on Global Ocean Observing System essential ocean variables and observation requirements;
  • Identify jointly topics and themes for future actions dealing with the ocean observing technology sector.

It was be hosted by SeaTechWeek as a virtual event on 13 October 2020. The event delivered a cross-cutting platform focusing on the technological and operational aspects of ocean observing. It established an open platform for sharing information and knowledge and identifying actionable mechanisms for collaboration and matchmaking across the participants, at both regional and international levels.